Badlands NP, South Dakota


Harvard Says Fluoridated Water is Causing Cognitive Disorders Read more :
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Lust is torturous. Love is even worse.


I’m having chest pains and don’t know the severity. My lungs inflating, pushing, breaking so much the cage they’re behind is breaking.  Ive become more alert to my feelings and her actions and get lost second guessing if our chemistry has lost traction.
She’s became the doctor and I the patient, knocking myself out through alcoholic medication.  Only I’m not sure if she is willing to give me CPR or just put a bandage over my deflated lungs and broken heart.
I just want to know if she’s the crux to my healing the thought of being with her so appealing.  The perfect contradiction to my road to recovery, just please be the girl down the road with me.
You don’t need to cut me open just to see who I am. My heart maybe invisible but my words scribe it’s plan.  My hands aren’t for hurting, their a missing piece that fit a puzzle, joined by our hands that feel no struggle.

- Cry Wolf